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AVL Challenge 14: Reasons to watch Thor

1. It's arguably the most important lead in to The Avengers, by introducing the primary villain, Loki, and his reasons for being evil.

2. It passes the Bechdel Test (one measurement for evaluating the treatment of women in movies) in one of the first scenes as Jane and Darcy argue in he car.

3. The brilliant cast includes Anthony Hopkins, Stellan Skarsgard, Idris Elba, Natalie Portman, the hysterical Kat Dennings, and Tom Hiddleston, whose Shakespearean chops are incredibly well-suited for Ken Branaghs vision.

4. Isn't a shirtless Chris Hemsworth reason enough to tune in?

5. The costume design is pretty flawless: lady scientists in practical clothes and awesome boots, and such bold use of flannel.  Did I mention shirtless Chris Hemsworth?

6. For that moment when you point to Fandral and turn to your friend and say "That's Prince Charming from Once Upon a Time" and her head explodes.

7. Unlike many modern action movies (ahem, I'm looking at you, Man of Steel) we see a direct attempt to minimize human casualties.  The first thing the Hapless Scientists & Co. do when the Destroyer attacks is to evacuate the town.

8. With his red cape, big laugh, and love of human-kind, Thor is basically a sexy Santa Claus.

9.  For Tom Hiddleston's face and its inexplicable ability to convey Loki's man-pain.

10. True to his Shakespearean root's, Ken Branagh pulls together an impressive display of wit, physical comedy, and did I mention Loki's man-pain? 


Writing Meme: A Work In Progress

First time I've done one of these; even if no one else cares to read it, I thought it might be fun to put together: So here we go!

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Pacific Rim One-Shot: A Small, Good Thing

Title: A Small, Good Thing
Rating: G
Words: Approx. 500
Summary: Raleigh and Mako the morning after they close the breach.

Not about Chuck, for once, though Herc and Max get an honorable mention.Collapse )
Title: Farewell, Twice Beloved
Rating: PG-13. Strong language & adult themes.
Words: Approx. 1,600
Summary: A medieval knight would carry an image of his lady on the inside of his shield, to look to as a source of strength. In the drift, the Hansens carry with them the memory of a mother and wife.

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The question: "2 and 11 are forced to get married? Why? How do they feel about it? How does their marriage work out?"

#2. Kate Beckett, "Castle"
#11. Captain America, Marvel's "The Avengers"

Kate Beckett and Captain America are forced to get married for a joint undercover operation between SHIELD and the NYPD. Things are a bit awkward at first, because Kate's read literally all of his comics, so there's a bit of hero-worship going on, until she realizes Cap's just a regular guy: they both love New York and have a passion for justice.  He treats her like a lady; she helps him become more acquainted with the 21st century.  They later form the crime-fighting duo "America's Sweethearts."

Castle is jealous.


AVL Crossover Challenge: Men Out of Time

Title: Men Out of Time
Fandoms: Avengers, Doctor Who [Torchwood]
Word count: 993
Warnings/Spoiler warnings if relevant: Pre-slash because it's Jack. Some adult language. Spoilers for Doctor Who Season 1 ("Bad Wolf" and "The Parting of Ways") Season 3 ("Utopia"). General Torchwood Spoilers.
Summary: Steve Rogers was not expecting to meet Jack Harkness again.

Anything Goes...Collapse )


So I marathoned season 1 of Torchwood. You know what I don't get: where did this sexual tension between Ianto and Jack come from? It's like "five episodes ago you had a cyber-girlfriend and I was trying to shoot you; obviously we really just need to bang it out. And then you'll make coffee."

Also is Ianto pronounced with a diphthong or monopthong? I watched 13 episodes and I still can't tell.